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Product Photography by Pictured Events

High-quality photos represent
high-quality products!

    If you sell products or art on the web using Amazon, ebay, or any other ecommerce website then you already know the importance of excellent product photography needed in your advertising. We edit the images to meet any websites photo specifications you are using. Plus we will supply the full size images for use in print advertising such as a catalog or sales flyers.
(We print those too!).

    It is even more important to have perfect images for all types of printed advertising due to the higher standards required to get great looking printing. Our product photography services are perfect for those needing advertising photography.

    Most people do not have the time, knowledge or resources to get good enough photographs to help boost their sales and at a cost that is within their budget. Taking great product photos that are properly exposed with the proper lighting can be very challenging to most people. That is where we come in. We can produce highly detailed product photography that provides your customers the visual confirmation most require before committing to a purchase.

   Your potential customers will judge the quality of your company and products with the photographs that represent them. That's just human nature. A product shown through a beautiful and well presented photo will be perceived to be of higher quality, while a product in a low quality or "ugly" photo won't have the same impact. If your images look as though they are “home made”, then what will your customers think about the quality of your products and you as a company?

360° View Photography

   Add a new dimension to your product website! 360° view Photography for products are considered one of the most effective methods of promoting your product(s) or art on the internet. This allows your visitors and potential customers to see all sides of the product. Results show that the purchases increased by 45% and that there was a 50% reduction in items being returned goods because of their better product communication. Also, what a cool way to upgrade your entire site and at a minimum one time investment in photography. Pricing for our 360 ° view gif file also will include a static image for use on sites that do not allow gif files to be uploaded.

   We can help you maximize your product sales plus you get to inform your visitors about your products or art, make products more interesting and most of all, you will have the advantage over your competition.

Post Cards, ready to mail

Mobile Product Photography!

   Using our “Mobile Photography Service”, we will come to you and provide a quick and very cost effective service for creating original digital photos of your products. Then within hours after the photo shoot you will have the option of downloading your own product images straight from our site using your own secure log in information and/or having a full size image printable file delivered on CD or DVD. Some customers may also choose to have us pick up their products and bring them to our studio for more artistic effects and views of each item. Plus we return the products after the shoot and don’t even charge a dime for this service within a 50 miles radius of Louisville KY.. A further distance can be detailed into your invoice at very minimal pricing (depending on the distance).

Pictured Events Product Photography
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