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   Competition for website sales are tough! Sales are usually based on what the customer wants and/or needs. They are more compelled to purchase an item they can see and touch. Since your online customers can't physically touch your products, the next best thing is to have very detailed product images to provide them with a way to look at your product or art work from every possible angle. Lets face it, the picture is what catches the eye and makes the sale more probable. In general people do not like to read. Making the picture the most important part of your sales pitch.

   This is where Pictured Events Product Photography benefits you! We are an Amazon product photography service and have an in house product photography studio where you can choose to bring or send products to and have them photographed for any website such as Amazon or ebay as well as printed catalogs and flyers. The studio is large enough to accommodate any size and quantity of product you have. Donít have time to package up and deliver your products to us? Use our Mobile Photography Service! Yes you read that right, our mobile photography service will bring our studio to you (for most items). We can also come to you, package up your products, take it to the studio, shoot the customer required images then return the products back to you and at NO EXTRA CHARGE! You will have your own personal login and password to download your own product images within hours of the shoot. This way you donít have to wait to sell your own product.
Pictured Events Product Photography
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