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   wedding photograhperhen you choose your wedding photographer in Louisville, KY
or Southern Indiana, you are not just buying a service, you're investing in memories. We strive on capturing every moment possible on your big day. That's why you should seek a talented photographer whose style fits your personal vision of the wedding day.
   e shoot photojournalistic and traditional style weddings.
Photojournalistic style wedding photography has been growing more popular these days but we like to include all of the family and wedding party portraits in all of our plans.
   ll weddings can include a personal website, a specially designed
wedding album and/or a coffee table book which will include traditional Color and Black and White photos, including photojournalism and romantic images. Our images combine an ideal blend of photojournalism, tradition and fun!. At Pictured Events Photography we are versatile enough to provide you with the photography style that you prefer!
Wedding Photography Louisville, KY. by: Pictured Events
Pictured Events Wedding Photography Louisville, KY.
   e will travel throughout the Southern Indiana and
Louisville, KY. area at no extra charge! If your wedding is outside of this area, arrangements can still be made if done far enough in advance to insure availability. Prices will be quoted to include travel.
eed engagement photos done? This is just as important
as your wedding day. Have a professional portrait done for your news print, announcements and Thank You Cards.
Pictured Events Wedding Photography Louisville, KY. Pictured Events Wedding Photography Louisville, KY. Pictured Events Wedding Photography Louisville, KY.
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   udget wedding packages are available and
can be catered to fit your requirements. Just because you choose to have your wedding doesnt mean you have to go broke doing it! Our budget wedding packages are perfect for printing later at your leisure. Weddings can get expensive so we are here to help. Let us help you take the financial stress out of your wedding day. The images taken are no different than if you spent thousands of dollars on your prints. The same equipment and expertise is used for our budget packages as our more traditional packages. The only difference is what may be included as a printed product after the wedding. Have your wedding photography images taken by Pictured Events Photography for as little as $650.00. Including
Pictured Events Wedding Photography Louisville, KY.
complete wedding ceremony, reception, portrait and candid coverage any where around the Louisville, KY. area.
All of our wedding prices are included on the Pricing page.
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If you have already set your date with us, you can choose to pay your deposit on line.
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