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   We create stunning Interior and Exterior professional photographic images as well as 360 degree panoramic virtual tours of your Real Estate or commercial property for the MLS Service, Web Sites, Advertising Media or Insurance. We do not limit the number of images included with your shoot plus during the shoot, we include every feature of the home starting with the neighborhood, yard and all out buildings. We shoot the special features such as trim or sculpted ceilings and the things that are included with the home such as appliances. Images of each room from all available angles are taken and are delivered on CD or free download link. Our professional images can be used for any type of printing on brochures, flyers or advertising

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and of course resolutions that meet the requirements for MLS, FSBO and

   We are dedicated to your needs. Real estate transactions and outside weather doesn't stick to regular business hours so we are available seven days a week. Often shooting on Saturdays and Sundays staying to do what is necessary to get the job done and to get the best results possible. We will work your schedule and at a time that is convenient to you and your homeowners.

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   Pricing is based on the property square footage.Be sure to check out our pricing page for more details on what is included with our services. A regular daytime photo shoot takes approximately 1 hour for up 2500 sq. ft. and changes depending upon size. The normal turnaround time for images are 24 hours or less.

   Being a resident and growing up in the Kentuckiana area, I know the local communities very well and I have an extensive working relationship with many real estate agents and business owners. This in-depth knowledge of the area and the real estate market can help you make the most informed decisions if you are
selling your property or just wanting to give your internet customers a better experience and feel for your location.

FSBO (For Sale By Owner)
   With the internet it is all about the photos! If you are selling your home without an agent, it makes even more sense to hire a professional photographer to take pictures of your home. 92% of home buyers use the internet in their home search and 50% of those use a mobile website or app. It is up to you to attract the web savvy homebuyers with quality images. With the Internet and mobile apps being so driven by images, it's never been more important to have high quality, attention-grabbing photos in your listing. It is a proven fact that professional photographs does help sell listings faster, plus it gets closer to the sellers asking price.
   In the Louisville KY and Southern Indiana, the market's competition has become fierce among all of the active inventory and high quality professional images help catch the attention of buyers much faster. A survey of homebuyers by the National Association of Realtors said photos were the feature they used most often when searching for a home on the internet. Online listings that have bad pictures (or even worse) no pictures at all, can cause most buyers to overlook your home from the start.

Property managers

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   Do you need photos of a home, apartment complex or commercial building that is used as a rental? Is there someone living in your rental property? Let us take the worry out of scheduling the shoot with your current tenants. We will work between you and your tenants to schedule the best possible time to photograph the home. No need to take additional time out of your day. We consider this as a normal part of our customer service.

   In-house proofing and graphic design is also available for media, marketing and advertising projects. We'll use wide angle and panoramic photography providing that ultra expensive look while staying within your project's budget.

Wide angle panoramas and Virtual Tours

   Our Panoramic 180 degree and 360 degree photography gives the viewer a real sense of being there. By combining these with our high resolution still images we can create an experience that is certain to leave a lasting impression on the viewer and your potential customers. Our fully customizable virtual tours are created for use in full screen viewing on just about any computer or mobile device without any apps to install.

   Both Residential and Commercial virtual tours are a great way to bring in new employees, tenants or new clients. Be sure to stop into our other website featuring our interactive virtual tours at

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Twilight Photography

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   A twilight photo is an image of the exterior of the property, at dusk. It is used to showcase the landscape and property lighting, pool lighting and other features such as well lit decks and fire pits. Twilight photos can also showcase a beautiful view of the property with a sunset.

   Twilight photo shoots begin 30 minutes before sunset and another set is shot after the sun gone down. Twilight shoots are highly recommended for the premium properties making them stand out.

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