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   Protect yourself from loss! When you have any size loss from fire, burglary, water damage, etc. are you going to remember all the items and their serial numbers that belong to you? Probably not; and can you prove that they actually belonged to you?
   A photo inventory will help you remember what you have in your home or business. This allows you to substantiate your insurance claim if a disaster strikes. All images are unedited and delivered on CD as archival photos as well as copies stored at Pictured Events Photography in case you may ever misplace or lose your copy.
   For as little as $100.00 we will go room-by-room, we can develop a photographic inventory to document your possessions from appliances, jewelry, documents, etc. We will photograph the serial plates and the items. Panoramic images can be added for as little as $20 per room to help show the room as it appeared before any type of disaster. We will provide all of the forms where you can record the cost and purchase dates of every
item along with their serial and model numbers. Pictures give a graphic description surpassing any written description. This puts you in a better position to help your insurance company determine the current value of lost or damaged items if you have proof of your ownership. These same images can also be used for any type of litigation purposes where they may be needed. Contact Us for more information and details.

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